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Trade rate or above is any worker employed in a position that pays the tradesman rate or above. Below trade rate is any employee that is employed in a position that pays less than the Tradesman rate of pay.

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I authorise [Please select your Employer/Workplace] to continue to deduct from my salary the sum of [Please select your Classification/Grade] per week and continue for each subsequent year and pay such sum to the CEPU NSW (Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union) . I authorise you to accept and act upon any advice from the Union that the amount of the Union subscription, Picnic Ticket or the rate of deduction payable by me has been altered in accordance with the Rules of the Union and that this authority shall extend to cover such alterations.

This authority shall be deemed to remain in full force and effect until written revocation thereof shall be given by me to the Union and to my employer. The receipt by the appropriate Officer of this authorisation shall be sufficient discharge to the employer for the payment of any amount so deducted by you. I authorise the providing of information to the Union of alteration to details provided on this form for employment and related interests in accordance with the Privacy Act.

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