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Downer Rail Workers send Management a Message

Paul Lister - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ETU and AMWU members at Downer Rail Maintenance in Auburn today voted overwhelmingly against a new agreement offered by management amid calls for management to do better.

Workers stood united and voted down managements offer which included a 3% wage increase and improvements to some conditions.

ETU Organiser Ben Lister said that today’s result sends a message to Downer management that it’s time to come to the table with an improved offer or risk alienating a loyal and highly skilled workforce.

“ETU and AMWU members sent management a clear message today when 78% of workers voted no to managements proposed agreement.” said Ben Lister.

“The ETU has been able to secure wage outcomes of 3.5% in the manufacturing sector and in my view a company like Downer can do better than what they were offering and our members deserve it.” Mr Lister said

“I have not heard from management directly but I have sent them a message that they have to improve their offer if they want to secure an agreement.

“I believe that Downer can sharpen the pencil a bit and I would expect any revised offer to be at least 3.5% plus the items we have already been able to extract as commitments from the company.” said Mr Lister.

After a two day negotiation lock-up the ETU and AMWU have already received the following commitments to:

  • Introduce an additional 10 minute break for shifts exceeding 8 hours in length
  • Modernize the Long Service Leave Clause
  • Salary top up for defence force service leave of up to 10 days per year
  • Increase redundancy payments for long term employees, and;
  • In an unprecedented move all employees covered by the agreement will receive a $75 Coles shopping voucher.

The ETU will head back to the negotiating table to secure an improved outcome for members.