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Prohibition on working on or near asbestos-contaminated equipment

Peter Moss - Monday, October 29, 2018

Prohibition on Working On/Near Asbestos Contaminated Equipment

Members of the ETU have raised major concerns regarding the failure of Sydney Trains to remove asbestos from signalling equipment. Over a number of years these concerns have been raised with the company but no action has taken place. As Sydney Trains, and its predecessors, have refused to remove the asbestos they are placing members at risk.

Both the CSEE Track Circuit “SI Units” (with a Manufacture date of 1987 or older) and “J- Type” Impedance Bonds (Asbestos Fibre Hemp Seals with no identifying features) have been proved to contain friable asbestos.

Members are advised not to carry out any work or task on this equipment that involves disturbing, removing the cover of or exposing themselves to the components inside which may contain asbestos.

Do not certify as complete any task, TMP, SOI or the like that requires you to access or disturb these units unless a waiver has been granted by Signal Engineering that exempts you from exposing yourself or removing the cover on this equipment.

If any of these components are damaged by any means whereby the integrity of the equipment housing is compromised then treat the entire area as asbestos contaminated and advise both your manager and the Incident Hotline. Do not enter the area under any circumstances until it has been decontaminated by a specialist hygienist and deemed safe.

This working arrangement should continue until such time that Sydney Trains has safely removed the asbestos material contained in this equipment.

Should you have any questions please contact Anthony O’Sullivan on 0429 429 234.

Dave McKinley
Secretary, ETU NSW

Urgent Qantas meeting 12.45 pm Monday 17 September

Peter Moss - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Qantas - Bonus Member Newsletter 290818

Bruce Fan - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Launch of ETU Active for ETU Honorary Members

Peter Moss - Thursday, August 09, 2018

3 pay fails: delegate Dave says check your pay slips

Peter Moss - Monday, August 06, 2018

Veteran ETU delegate Dave Colusso says every rail infrastructure worker should stop and check their pay slips.

The Gosford signal electrician has identified three Sydney Trains pay fails that may have affected hundreds of electrical workers.

ETU members who have been underpaid may be eligible for significant backpay.

Pay fail 1
20% annual leave loading for shift workers

The enterprise agreement says that shift workers are entitled to 20 percent annual leave loading, yet Dave found he was paid just 17.5 percent for four years. He received almost $1,000 backpay.

Dave says: ‘Check your payslip for your last annual leave taken. You will see a second, smaller payment listed. This is your leave loading. Calculate that rate as a percentage of your base hourly rate. It should be 20 percent if you work shifts.’

Pay fail 2
Standalone 4-hour callout payments

The EBA mandates that on-call employees receive a minimum 4-hour standalone payment for each and every callout. Call Out payments should be treated as a stand alone lump sum style payment. Sydney Trains should not be using rostered hours or any other payment to make up any part of this minimum payment.

Dave says: “Any worker paid less than the 4 hr minimum at the appropriate penalty for call outs is owed backpay by Sydney Trains.’

Pay fail 3
Standdown penalty rates mandated

Sydney Trains must provide at least an 8-hour break between shifts, whether rostered or overtime, for all employees. If an employee is directed back to work during these eight hours, they must be paid double time until they get their 8 hr break.

Dave says: ‘I believe Sydney Trains has breached the standdown penalty rates provision on multiple occasions. An employee who has been repeatedly underpaid in this way may be owed thousands of dollars backpay.’

Have you been underpaid? Contact your Payroll Hotline. If it is not resolved in a reasonable time frame then Contact your ETU delegate or organiser, or email Dave Colusso david.colusso@transport.nsw.gov.au

Sydney Train 2019 Apprentice Program

Peter Moss - Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Applications for Sydney Trains 2019 Apprentice Program are open —- apply by 5 August


ETU Youth Meeting - June 14

Paul Lister - Monday, June 04, 2018

Come and join us on Thursday 14 June for pizza and beer and to talk about issues affecting electrical apprentices in the work place.

Come along and meet Tara Koot, the ETU's apprentice officer, have your say and meet other like minded electrical apprentices.

CEPU Financial Accounts

Paul Lister - Thursday, May 17, 2018

In accordance with the requirements of the Fair Work Registered Organisation Act 2009 the CEPU Electrical Division, NSW Branch (the Branch) has made available to members the complete financial report and associated documents for 2017.

By law the Branch must provide a copy of their financial report to members, this can be downloaded from the members area after logging in.

Click here to access the CEPU 2017 financial report.

ETU State of the Union Meetings

Paul Lister - Thursday, May 10, 2018

ETU Secretary Dave McKinley is travelling across NSW and the ACT over the coming months to meet ETU members. Dave will report back on recent industrial matters and provide you with an update on the major Change the Rules campaign that the ETU in NSW is playing a leading role.

The State of the Union meetings will kick off with the following four meetings, additional dates and locations covering the rest of the state will be provided as they are confirmed:

  • Wednesday 23 May - Sydney West - Revesby Workers Club, 2b Brett St Revesby
  • Thursday 24 May - Sydney East - Randwick Labour Club, 135 Alison Rd Randwick
  • Wednesday 30 May - Central Coast - Erina Leagues Club,
  • Thursday 31 May - Newcastle - Hunter Workers, Level 3 / 406-408 King St Newcastle

All members are invited to attend and must RSVP for catering purposes, finger food and drinks will be provided from 7pm. Please email your name, mobile number and event location/date to joannet@etunsw.com.au or call 02 9267 4844 and ask for Joanne.

We look forward to seeing you at your local State of the Union meeting.


Paul Lister - Monday, March 26, 2018

In results announced on Saturday, approximately 53 per cent of Sydney Trains employees voted ‘YES’ to the enterprise agreement.

The majority vote means the EBA will proceed to the Fair Work Commission for certification.

The key elements of the agreement relevant to ETU members include:

  • a total wage increase of 9 per cent, in three annual 3 per cent instalments. This breaks the 2.5 per cent cap imposed under NSW Government wages policy
  • a one-off $1,000 cash bonus
  • an extended Staff Travel Pass that includes private bus and metro networks
  • an expanded Contracting Out Clause that establishes a new Consultative Committee which will allow the ETU to vet any proposal to contract out electrical work
  • the protection of wage relativities that recognise the skills and qualifications of electrical workers
  • the establishment of a Protection Officer trial that potentially opens a new career path for ETU members
  • an improved redeployment and redundancy cap in the Deed, up from 52 to 64 weeks
  • seven days Domestic Violence Leave
  • all current conditions maintained.