Electricity, Water and Utilities

Electricity, Water and Utilities

Asbestos and Negotiation Update

Katie Kidd - Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ausgrid and the ETU are continuing to negotiate a “Heads of Agreement Asbestos Working Arrangements” document.

This document will  cover issues such as training, refresher training, a program for the removal of already identified friable asbestos, improved quality and accessibility of asbestos register, further auditing to identify asbestos containing materials and removal, ongoing use of “lung-bus’ and enhancement of health register and access to EAP.

The Delegates unanimously endorsed the following resolution –

“This delegates meeting endorses the formation of a subcommittee to continue to negotiate the tabled document through with Ausgrid management to a point where the ETU is satisfied  that the asbestos exposure risk mitigation training, PPE and programmed removal measures in place are adequate enough to dramatically reduce the risk to our members”.

Four Delegates were elected to form part of the subcommittee.

The ETU will continue to work with Ausgrid to progress emergency or customer critical jobs on a case by case basis. The ETU only agrees to this work going ahead where strict controls are put in place to ensure member safety.

The following ETU Delegates Resolution is still in place –

No opening or work on or near asbestos Meter Boards. Members should only respond to 
Emergency work (restoration of power) if they have been trained in asbestos awareness, 
trained in asbestos procedures and wear full asbestos PPE.

The following ETU Recommendation is still in place –

No Entry to any worksite where asbestos is suspected unless the member has been trained 
in asbestos awareness and procedures and full asbestos PPE.

To clarify training –

You need to have been trained within the last 12 month (within 2012) on Asbestos Awareness and Procedures. The refresher training Ausgrid rolled out in December 2012 was not agreed or accredited and does not count.

Networks NSW Secret Job Cuts

Katie Kidd - Monday, January 28, 2013

Leaked government documents show plans for massive job cuts in the state owned distribution companies. Please see attached documents below for further details.

Working In Heat

Katie Kidd - Saturday, January 05, 2013

ETU members should be aware of the dangers of working in heat. Please read this and follow the advice provided by the Union and Workcover NSW.
WorkCover NSW Hot and Cold Environments.
WorkCover NSW Working in Heat

Please read this ETU Notice to Members which includes advice from the union and the ETU's working in heat policy.