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General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

Coca Cola Call Centre Negotiations Commence

Paul Lister - Thursday, May 23, 2013

The union and the Company have agreed to commence negotiations on the NCC enterprise agreement which is set to expire at the end of September this year. You would no doubt be aware that the agreement forms the basis of your employment conditions and is therefore extremely important.

The first step in order to get negotiations underway will be the issuing of the “Notice of Representational Rights” (NRR) by the company to NCC employees at St Leonards and Smithfield.

The company is required by law to issue the NRR which provides workers with the opportunity to appoint a representative to negotiate agreement outcomes on their behalf. Union members are not required to take any action should you wish the union to represent you throughout the negotiations as the union will be appointed as the default bargaining agent for all union members.

It is the unions’ intention to expand the coverage of the agreement to also include NCC support functions such as workforce planning, quality, routes, projects and clerical given that these roles are clearly functions of the NCC and positions that often form part of the career path through the call centre.

The union will be seeking to hold meetings with members over the coming weeks in order to develop a log of claims on behalf of members. This is your opportunity to have a say on what you would like to see in any future enterprise agreement.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or ideas on what should be included in the next agreement please feel free to raise these matters with your workplace delegates – Andrew Webster (Level 2), Olga Larenas (Level 3) and Jan Bonham (night shift), alternatively you can contact Steve Robinson from the union on 0414 877 581.