Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Protect yourself - make sure you are financial

- Thursday, May 07, 2015

We’re not talking about glasses and gloves. We’re talking about protecting your rights to ‘have a say’.

With the looming EBA negotiations we are urging all members to make sure that they are financial in case the proverbial ‘hits the fan’ as it did three and a half years ago. How would you feel if there was a protected action ballot and because you were a few months behind with your fees you had to walk past your work mates and go into work while they’re making a stand for better wages and conditions?

Being a financial ETU member is a great way of protecting yourself at work. The ETU are out there fighting for members across the construction sector every day of the week on important issues including EBA negotiations, safety, apprentice rights and licensing issues while also holding unscrupulous bosses to account.

But this is not the only protection we offer to members. All financial ETU members also enjoy Journey Cover Insurance supplied free to all members. This protection was taken away from ordinary workers by Barry O’Farrell back in 2012 meaning if you have an accident on the way to or from work ordinary workers are on their own, but not if you are an ETU member. The ETU came to the party offering members free Journey Cover Insurance meaning we have you covered.

New Law Solicitors – the ETU’s own law firm has you covered for all manner of legal issues, whether it’s family law, conveyancing, discrimination cases, wills, industrial law or litigation so they have your back covered. As they’re a union owned law firm the first consultation is free and further representation is at a fraction of the normal cost of other law firms.

Following feedback from members the ETU has recently introduced new Funeral Cover for members who pay their fees by direct debit. This provides ETU members and their families peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens the ETU is there to help those left behind.

On top of all this the ETU also offers fantastic holiday cabins. The kids can let off some steam as you kick back on the beach, or wet a line and let the stress levels drop as you forget the cut and thrust of the construction site. Our only advice when it comes to the ETU cabins is to book early as our Nambucca Heads cabins proved extremely popular with members.

ETU recruitment officer Steve Bankes is here to help members who’ve fallen behind with their fees, get back on track. If you have fallen behind get in touch sooner rather than later as the construction industry EBA is approaching fast and only financial ETU members can participate in any campaign or action.

Steve Bankes will be visiting sites every day. Feel free to approach Steve at the next mass meeting or if you want to chat or talk about membership please call Steve on 0414 877 553.

You can JOIN THE ETU ONLINE. You can also SIGN UP FOR DIRCT DEBIT to make sure you qualify for the ETU's new funeral benefits. 

Workers are stronger when we are all together – make sure you’re a financial ETU member and enjoy POWER IN UNITY.