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Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Another incident at Lend Lease Bangaroo

- Friday, February 27, 2015

Lend Lease has had another serious safety incident occur, again at notorious Barangaroo which last year was the site of a massive basement fire which saw the entire site evacuated and exposed flaws in Lend Leases' evac procedures.

Today's incident occurred just after lunch when three electricians, one an apprentice, all working for Stowe became stranded in the Alimak after a mechanical failure. It took site management more than two hours to work out what to do partly because Lend Lease do not have any written procedures for such an incident.

ETU organiser Stewart Edward said that this was yet another example of managements failures when it comes to protecting workers on the site and responding to safety incidents..

"What we have seen today is management left wondering when three workers became stuck in the Alimak."

"The workers became stranded when an external hoist cable jagged up leaving the men with nowhere to go sixteen floors above the site."

"it soon became apparent that Lend Lease have no procedures in place for such an incident including how to rescue people."

"More than two hours later a man box was lower into place on top of the hoist and the men escaped through the roof."

This is the latest incident on Lend Lease sites after a string of safety breaches including a recent near miss at the Darling Harbour Live site where a lock out padlock was cut away almost resulting in serious injury to an electrician. The ETU will continue to keep a close watch on Lend Lease and potential safety problems.