Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

ETU working to support members throughout the coronavirus challenge

Bruce Fan - Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, we are facing unprecedented circumstances. Our daily lives are changing to fight this pandemic and the disruption will only keep increasing before things return to normal.

Through these uncertain times, the ETU is here to support you throughout the difficult period Australia now faces.

This is a time when we must all stay calm, get the facts, and listen and respond to the advice of government and health experts.

To ensure the ETU functions at full capacity, we have revised our office working arrangements, effective immediately.

Our aim is to provide members with a constant range of services, while implementing sensible social distancing as advised by health authorities.

All ETU officials, organisers and staff will continue to perform their duties throughout this event.  If you are concerned about your rights at work regarding the coronavirus pandemic, please refer to our previous email or click here for more information.

All ETU organisers continue to work full-time and are available to members. Our legal, communications, membership and administrative staff are all available and remain on deck working for members.

How to contact the ETU

  1. Contact your ETU organiser directly by email or phone. Please see the attached organiser contact list.
  2. Email – your message will be directed to the staff member best placed to assist you. This is the preferred and most efficient method of contacting the ETU admin office.
  3. Call the Sydney office number (02) 9267 4844. Only call this number if urgent or you are unable to contact your organiser or email the office.

This number will be answered, and your message taken and directed to the staff member best placed to assist you. If the line is engaged or rings out, we ask that you are patient and either email us or leave a message.

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are challenging and still developing day-by-day.

There are many questions still to be answered about how this event affects ETU members, our industries and our work sites.

The ETU will inform members of relevant developments as new information becomes available. Stay tuned and please use the above methods to contact the union if needed.

ETU NSW & ACT Organiser Contact details

Anthony O'Sullivan               0429 429 234

Antony Stegic                         0414 877 943

Ben Lister                                0400 264 007

Brad Currey                            0431 838 852

Brad McDougall                    0438 777 653

Darran Miller                          0447 784 572

Fred Barbin                             0437 031 840

James Darton-Turner             0467 607 698

Lawrence Duff                        0400 749 008

Matt McCann                         0416 236 646

Nick Bligh                                0475 284 234

Steve Bankes                          0414 877 553

Steve Magann                        0487 298 010

Steve Robinson                      0414 877 581

Stewart Edward                      0419 210 442

Stuart Elliott                           0458 911 414

Tara Koot                                0488 931 108